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The Government appears to remain committed to the current version of the Hunting Bill that, if enacted, would result in the abolition of all hunting with dogs.

The Burns Report and the Governmentís own enquiry confirmed that there is no case based on evidence to justify a ban on hunting. We also know that 59% of the public are opposed to a ban and that most national newspaper editors also know that banning hunting is based on the spite and prejudice of some Labour MPís.

Despite this, and Alun Michaels public assurance that any legislation would be based on principle and not personal prejudice, we are still facing an attempt by bigoted MPs to ban hunting.

What is the Hunting Declaration?

The Declaration is an opportunity for those who support the freedom to hunt to demonstrate to the public, press, Peers, parliamentarians and the Government that we will never accept unjust law. Critically, it aims to convey in an unambiguous way that enough people are committed to either refusing to accept any law that comes into effect (if it does) that any such law would be unenforceable and so fail.

Why is it so important?

At the moment there seems to be a belief that a ban can and will be forced through by using the Parliament Act and that those who support the freedom to hunt will eventually accept this and hunting will be destroyed.

The success of the Declaration will be judged by the press, public and Government, by the number of people who sign it, and especially those that do not hunt.

Roger Scruton Michael Markham