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News Links of 2004

The Telegraph: Majority vote to defy a Labour ban on hunting By Charles Clover. Date: 24/07/2004

The Times: Huntsmen plan to outfox ban with 'hound exercise clubs'. By Valerie Elliott . Date: July 05, 2004

Western Morning News: HUNT GROUP WARNING ON CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. By J. Groves . Date: 27 April 2004

Sunday Telegraph: This ruthless exploitation of a fox. By Nigel Farndale . Date: 04/07/2004

Western Morning News: DEMONISATION OF HUNTERS IS A SIGN OF IGNORANCE. Date: 16 July 2004

Western Morning News: 'EXERCISE CLUB' PLAN MAY BEAT HUNT BAN. Date: 06 July 2004

News Links of 2003

The Guardian: How does the Parliament Act work? Date: Wednesday July 2, 2003

The Telegraph: Power of peers is restricted by law. Date: Wednesday July 2, 2003

The BBC: Fears over police enforcing hunt ban. Date: Thursday July 3, 2003

The Yorkshire Post: Hunt supporters are fighting for freedom. Date: 29 August 2003

The Telegraph: When civil disobedience is the just response...... Date: 22 August 2003

The Guardian: We would support the lawbreakers. Date: Wednesday October 23, 2002